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One of EKK’s core values is developing life-long relationships with both growers and customers. Through the 50 years of combined experience between EKK and our sister companies, US based Professional Produce and South Korea based Taeheung, we have developed lasting relationships with well-established, well-vetted, top-of-the-line growers and suppliers. These growers have a presence throughout California, Arizona, Florida, Mexico, New Zealand, South Korea, Philippines, Peru, and Ecuador. We have strategically developed our diversified supply base to ensure we can source premium quality, organic or conventional fresh fruit and vegetables year-round.
We start the buying process by qualifying our growers through our food safety progress. Supplier management is a top priority. We ensure that our growers are employing proper food safety programs and receive the necessary audits. We are continually vetting new growers to guarantee we have year-round access to the highest quality and best tasting produce.
Our buying process is both proactive and reactive. Since our buyers are in close alignment with our customers and our suppliers, we react to the needs of both groups. Our buyers regularly interface with growers to be aware of in season items, hard to find items, organic items, and the transition between growing regions. Additionally, our sales team fosters relationships with customers to discuss their needs and receive their orders. Once the right source is matched with our customer, our buyers work on getting the best price.
Local Grown EKK prioritizes local grown produce and looks for opportunities to bring locally grown items to our customers. Beyond our established relationships with major growers and shippers, partners with smaller farms throughout the western United States and in parts of Asia to offer local products year-round. We highlight the small farmers and their local grown story as part of our marketing and merchandising services.