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Sourcing and Distributing Premium Product Globally


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  • E.K.K. was established in 2015, but our roots in the food,
    distribution and logistics business have dated back over a century.

Our Partners Alexander Ersoff (E), Ted Kaplan (K), and June-Kyu Kim (K) all have extensive knowledge in their respective industries, which give us many competitive advantages. Our primary goal in creating our company was to source and supply food, specifically produce, on a global scale.
Our mission is to provide our customers throughout the world, premium product that always has an emphasis on being food safety conscious. Our core values include communicating proper information in a timely manner. Establishing and maintaining a reputation of being a company who is trustworthy, understanding, and ethical are our short and long term goals. Additionally, our ultimate goal is to develop deep rooted relationships with everybody that we work with.